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PESHAWAR, Pakistan (Reuters) - Taliban gunmen in Pakistan shot and seriously wounded   a 14-year-old schoolgirl who rose to fame for speaking out against the militants, authorities said.Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head and neck when gunmen fired on her school bus in the Swat valley, northwest of the capital, Islamabad. Two other girls were also wounded, police said.

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 In this life we are offered a path of Good or evil. In evil it is easy to see the evil fruit and the evil men who serve themselves.  


I have spoken of this evil that has spread to all Religions and Governments. We must learn to see this evil and reject it.  Government has the responsibility to care,  protect and serve the People. The Love for all  People must be there  as a example of Faith and correct leadership. There is no Honor to God in hate and the destruction of Gods People. The creation of People on this earth is for Gods Glory.  God Glory is in the Children and also the Women of this world. There is no Glory when men holds back creation and brings shame to the Glory of God’s Love.  Gods correction is in Love and Forgiveness, not hate and the destruction of lives.  


As world speaks for the  Pakistani girl, Afghans ask "what about us?"

"Every day an Afghan girl is abused, raped, has acid thrown on her face and mutilated. Yet no one remembers or acknowledges these girls," Elay Ershad, who represents the nomadic Kuchi people in Afghan parliament, told Reuters.

Echoing concerns of other prominent Afghan women, Ershad said the government took no real interest in women's rights, instead using the issue for political gain and currying favor with Western backers, a claim Kabul has dismissed as untrue.

President Hamid Karzai has repeatedly condemned Yousufzai's shooting, even using it to address women's rights in his country: "The people of Afghanistan ... see this attempt not only against (Yousufzai) but also against all Afghan girls," he said last week.

Click above to see the reality of life in of Afghanistan. Why haven't more people stood up for these women and children? In all of the wasted protest over films and remarks made by a few,  you should of been there for t your own people. This is where you need to stand together. These same kind of people that you respond to  help with their hate  is the same kind of people that does harm this harm to your friends and family.  People it is time to wake up; this has to stop.  
Despite substantial progress in the country, about 35 million Bangladeshis still live in extreme poverty. Even a small natural or economic shock can push these vulnerable families over the edge

DHAKA, Oct 17 2012 (IPS) - Bangladesh, often cited as a model of progress in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), appears to be sliding backwards when it comes to dealing with violence against women (VAW).

Police statistics and assessments by non-government organisations (NGOs) working to establish women’s rights show that there is in an increasing trend in VAW.

According to police records, while there were 2,981 cases of dowry-related violence in 2004, the figure has already hit 4,563 in the first nine months of 2012. Also, where there were 2,901 rape cases recorded in 2004, the figure for the current year, up to August, stands at 2,868.


Bangladesh, has an area is 144,000 sq km including 10,090 sq km of water. This is one of the most vulnerable places to climate change. The poor depends on what they can grow and like many of the poor Asian countries they are greatly affected by climate change. In our studies on how we can assist, we find over population as one of the causes of poverty and we see this as an extreme challenge to meet the needs for assistance.

If we are to be ready, it must be for Pre-Deployment and Government training of local and National sections.




2013 - This must be a year for Change. Something is broken in the world and we have all been deceived... Where do you stand? It is time to look and question  all things. Great forces bind us....If we can not break these chains; there will be no hope.
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DHAKA May 6, 2013 - At least 20 Bangladeshis were killed on Monday in clashes between police and hardline Islamists demanding religious reforms, as violence spread beyond the capital Dhaka to other parts of the country.

The protests are led by a group called Hefajat-e-Islam, which set the government a May 5 deadline to introduce a new blasphemy law, reinstate pledges to Allah in the constitution, ban women from mixing freely with men and make Islamic education mandatory.

The government of the overwhelming Muslim country has rejected the demands.

Are we to be judge by God or by men? Are we  not part of a creation where we are taught and directed by God? In the hands of evil men Gods creation can not grow. Evil stands in a place and talks of righteousness as they act for God as to their evil. You must understand; "Democracy"  is only as good as the leaders who are there to serve. This must be for the people in LOVE for one another.

     We Lift up the  families and  friends in prayer.

Shahidul Alam, Bangladeshi photographer, writer and founder of Pathshalaand  the South Asian Institute of Photography, said of the photo: “This image, while deeply disturbing, is also hauntingly beautiful. An embrace in death, its tenderness rises above the rubble to touch us where we are most vulnerable. By making it personal, it refuses to let go. This is a photograph that will torment us in our dreams. Quietly it tells us. Never again.”

They are witnesses in this cruel history of workers being killed. The death toll is now more than 1000.

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May 15, 2013 "God and Country" Click here


 A WORLD GONE MAD WITH THE USA LEADING THE WAY TO WW III....Where is Human Rights in the presents of evil? This is not only the evil of Governments; it is in all people and all religions...It is the ones who are full of hate that proceeds to kill, steal and destroy...It is the Evil that has entered into people and the control of these people and Governments that now leads the way to destruction. Evil is now overcoming good and there will be nothing that can stop this except for God...It will not be mankind that saves the world; we have already shown our failure many times over. It will not be up to man to move for God or act on his behalf; we already know the final outcome there. Here we need to pray for all  people and Love one another.